You have the idea and music piece, lyrics and script on place but may lack in doing things right for making your best EPK videos. The EPK videos are the engaging methods of telling your story to your audiences and stakeholders. You could be having goldmines of valuable content that you are keen to present before the media or your audience other than showcasing and exploring a number of angles that are vital in establishing a rich narrative. So, what next, well there comes the BNR into picture.

Here you get to hear, settle down and kinder let’s do the scene of your desired 1-2 hours of video coverage like the in-studio video, interview and 1 hour music video shoot or other stuff. Here you get yourself the best over the tunes got for reaching to a wider audience. The EPK video production is not just your music but your personality. With a blend of interview video and performance video footage including the music festival or music videos, the EPK can help you to tell your story.

The best EPK for musicians and others can help your audience about your whereabouts along with knowing your influences and your plans for taking the music world to stride. All these things can be easily communicated effectively with the BNR Promotions EPK video services. So, what are you planning for the musicians’ interviews – a super sexy, hell a stylish or keen to have a straight up interview, regardless of the genre and style, BRN Promotions in on the case. Now, simply send up the people and groups that matters to you the most in your industry and our best epk videos will do the rest of the job. Simply shoot an EPK in tandem with a music video masterpiece? Drop us a line!

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